Gawker Has Named Its New Top Editor

gawkerICYMI: Gawker is going through a bit of a shakeup right now. And in a memo, the website announced that John Cook will be their new temporary executive editor.

Cook is currently Gawker’s executive editor of investigations, but a memo obtained by TheWrap explains he will be the acting replacement for Tommy Craggs, who resigned along with editor-in-chief Max Read in protest of the managing partners voting to take down their incredibly controversial report outing Timothy Geithner‘s brother and going into some detail about texts between him and a man identified as a gay porn star.

The post generated substantial outrage on the internet and Gawker took fast action, leading to internal tensions boiling over into the public.

In the memo, Cook says, “My agenda is: A Summer of Peace. Stability. Quiet.”

He admits it’s been “a god-awful two weeks,” but adds, “You are some of the most talented and sought-after journalists working on the internet, and we have at our disposal — right now, at your fingertips — an immense and powerful machine for illuminating, skewering, praising, and changing the world around us.”

Leah Beckmann was named acting editor-in-chief.

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