George W. Bush: ‘I Don’t Intend’ To ‘Undermine’ The President

On Tuesday morning, President George W. Bush appeared with Gov. Chris Christie at a conference about tax policy — run by the President George W. Bush Institute. Bush, who has not endorsed a Republican candidate, said it’s not good for the country to “undermine” the president.

While the event was largely focused on New Jersey politics, and did not include mention of the GOP presidential candidates, there were allusions to the national political scene.

“I have decided to stay out of the limelight,” Bush said. “I don’t think it’s good, frankly, for our country to undermine the president and I don’t intend to do so. But I do intend to remain involved in areas that I’m interested in.”

Indeed, Bush has been under the radar since his time in the White House. Save for the release of his book, Decision Points, his publicity has been low key.

During his own speech, Christie said, “I was a proud member of the Bush administration for seven years,” adding that Bush “inspired a whole new generation of conservative Republican leaders.” According to, he “spent much of his speech recapping his first two budgets, pension and health benefit overhaul for public workers, and the 2 percent cap on property taxes, stressing bipartisanship but also touting his ability to stick to his principles.”


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