‘Geraldo In A Hoodie’ Tumblr Chronicles Rivera’s Most ‘Suspicious’ Outfits

Geraldo Rivera is a man of danger and intrigue, so of course it would make sense that he would don the international uniform of minority thugs and criminals, the hoodie. After condemning the hooded sweatshirt as just “as responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman,” old photos of Rivera looking “suspicious” began to arise, and, in what appears increasingly to be an inevitability in this decade, led to the creation of a Tumblr.

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The first photo of Rivera in a hoodie surfaced on TVNewser, where they found an old FishbowlNY photo of Rivera and Bill O’Reilly at a basketball game together, both sporting hoodies. That became the inaugural post on “Geraldo in a Hoodie,” in which the Fox News host has been found in various locales (many of the “extreme weather” variety, though not all), wearing the alleged death garment.

The authors of this Tumblr also provided a bonus of Rivera wearing a “safe” but totally sexy teal tank top on the cover of Playboy.

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