North Korea Invokes the NSA, Zimmerman to Call U.S. a ‘Living Hell’

You would think North Korea wouldn’t be in any place to lecture the United States about human rights abuses, right? Well, think again, because according to The Washington Post, a North Korean state news agency has responded to accusations leveled against them of human rights abuses by flipping the script by calling the United States a “living hell”, citing the NSA, prison privatization, and, for some reason, George Zimmerman.

KCNA has this incredible list of all sorts of reasons why America is “the world’s worst human rights abuser” with no place to lecture others about their human rights issues. Once again, this is North Korea we are talking about here. And nobody, except for Mike Huckabee that one time, would ever suggest North Korea is a freer place than the United States.

And their list starts out with the incredibly bizarre invocation of Zimmerman, of all things.

Racialism is getting more severe in the U.S. The gaps between the minorities and the whites are very wide in the exercise of such rights to work and elect. The U.S. true colors as a kingdom of racial discrimination was fully revealed by last year’s case that the Florida Court gave a verdict of not guilty to a white policeman who shot to death an innocent black boy.

The list includes statistics about American unemployment and joblessness, as well as civil liberties issues that people have raised the alarm about in the U.S. for a while.

The U.S. government has monitored every movement of its citizens and foreigners, with many cameras and tapping devices and even drones involved, under the pretext of “national security”.

And they target income inequality in one of the oddest ways possible: going after President Obama‘s vacations.

Its chief executive, Obama, indulges himself in luxury almost every day, squandering hundred millions of dollars on his foreign trip in disregard of his people’s wretched life.

I feel I should emphasize once again that this is all coming from North Korea.

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