Giuliani: Not Only Is Trump Not a Racist — Nobody Is a Racist

rudyTrump adviser Rudy Giuliani said it was not only absurd to label Donald Trump a racist — really, it was out of line to call anyone a racist.

Speaking on MSNBC Wednesday morning, the former NYC mayor said, “Racist? The last thing in the world Donald Trump is is a racist. I’ve known him for 28 years. The man likes white people. He likes black people. He likes Hispanic people. He plays golf with them.”

Pressed on the fact that Stephen Bannon, chairman of the alt-right media outlet Breitbart, is also chair of Trump’s campaign, Giuliani said “Donald Trump runs Donald Trump’s campaign.” He continued: “To say that Donald Trump is a racist is outrageous, and to call anyone a racist is outrageous”

Giuliani also pushed back against that Hillary Clinton’s charge that implicit bias was endemic in America. “If she thinks we all have implicit bias, Hillary, I got news for you: I don’t. Maybe you do. I have no racial guilt. Not a single bit of it. Which is why I’m willing to tell the truth about black crime and what has to be done about it,” he said.

Breitbart, he continued, “has its own point of view.”

Check out the clip above, via MSNBC.

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