‘Give Me a Break!’: Tomi Lahren Rants Against ‘Spineless’ GOPers Abandoning Trump

lahrenTomi Lahren‘s disappointment in Donald Trump‘s “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks pales in comparison to her anger at conservatives who are using them to criticize the mogul.

The Blaze‘s pundit turned last night’s “Final Thoughts” to Trump’s comments, where she plainly conceded that they were very hard to defend. Even so, Lahren said the comments do not surprise her, and she wondered if anyone’s truly shocked by them:

“For all those ‘never Trumpers’ and bleeding hearts out there saying, ‘I told you so,’ shut the hell up. Don’t go around acting holier-than-thou about this like you’ve never heard anyone say anything like that before. Give me a break.”

Without skipping a beat, Lahren directed her rant towards the “spineless” Republicans who have distanced themselves from Trump and/or rescinded their endorsements. She went on to say that the GOP’s disloyalty will only reinforce Trump supporters in their mission to upset the established order and re-shape the government to address their grievances.

“You didn’t do jack, but now you sit on a pedestal and pull your endorsement because of a leaked recording and the P-word, wow,” Lahren said. “You’re the reason Trump is our candidate.”

Watch above, via Lahren’s Facebook page.

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