Glenn Beck Attacks Fox News Over False Jake Tapper Report: ‘Blinded by Hate!’


Glenn Beck recently chimed in on this week’s ridiculous Jake Tapper controversy, in which the Daily Caller, Fox News and, most significantly, Breitbart’s John Nolte piled on the CNN anchor, falsely implicating that he praised NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov for using the phrase “Allahu Akbar.”

Beck, who has become an occasional voice of reason in the Trump era, took to the airwaves this morning and discussed the recent attacks against Tapper, calling them “stupid,” first spotted by CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

“It was a stupid and completely wrong thing. But people spread it. Agreed with it. And it’s because of an unreasonable hatred of the media,” he said to guest Bill O’Reilly. “Hatred is the problem. We can’t be blinded by our hate for the media.”

“We must take responsibility for our behavior.”

Beck also defended Tapper’s professionalism during the Obama administration, after O’Reilly suggested that he would never “dare” to defy the “secular progressive movement” with honest reporting.

“I believe that Jake Tapper was doing all of those things during the Obama administration,” he said. “There were a couple that were really good at actually holding the feet to the fire at the White House during the Obama administration and on CNN the only one was Jake Tapper.”

“I think he’s getting a raw deal now because I like people who are hated by both parties.”

O’Reilly disagreed with Beck, accusing him of “doing a moral equivalency” and saying that the “big crisis in this country is that the press is corrupt.”

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