Glenn Beck Defends Sarah Palin: We’re Practically Pen Pals!

In news that is not about Juan Williams, Glenn Beck responded tonight to Politico’s story today about Sarah Palin‘s reported disorganization. First he reflected on the nuttiness and unreliability of today’s news.

Think about what you were willing to believe two years ago, even a year ago, think about what you thought, I mean, I read that story about the space aliens, the UFO’s…do you know anymore, would you be surprised if a little green man came out and were like, hey, we’ve been watching you, everybody for anal probes!

Um. This somehow segued to the Politico story and the anecdote therein that she had annoyed Beck: “And her multiple schedule changes so annoyed Glenn Beck that he finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book.”

Said Beck: “I saw that and said to one of my guys, what book? This is a lie! Sarah Palin and I don’t have any problems with each other, we’re practically pen pals!”

Video below. Everyone needs a knight in shining (blackboard) armor.

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