Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage Advocates Have Won ‘Because They Made It About Freedom’

First Bill O’Reilly admitted that gay marriage supporters have the “compelling argument” on their side. Now, it looks like Glenn Beck has followed suit. While he didn’t exactly endorse the idea of same-sex marriage, Beck declared on his radio show Monday that the reason marriage equality advocates have been successful is that “they made it about freedom.”

Speaking for the conservative opposition to gay marriage, Beck admitted, “we have been so foolish.” He said the argument is “not about gays, it’s not about marriage, it’s not about any of that.” Beck went on to explain that “the reason why they’ve won is because they made it about freedom.”

As Beck’s listeners, as well as anyone who tuned into his old Fox News show no doubt know, Beck is a major proponent of “freedom.” Taking on the guise of someone who wants to marry a partner of the same sex for a moment, Beck asked, “Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?” Just as O’Reilly said that opponents of the marriage issue can only “thump the Bible,” Beck described their position as simply “saying ‘because it always is.'” And if that’s all you can say against an argument of “freedom,” then “you’ve lost.”

“That’s why they’ve won,” Beck concluded, “because the principle of it is right.”

Watch video below, via Glenn Beck:

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