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Glenn Beck Makes ‘I Heart Mao’ T-Shirts, Reads Mediaite

Glenn Beck received a very special present this St. Patrick’s Day from one of his major chalkboard villains, SEIU president Andy Stern: an SEIU smock and a letter written in “little girl’s writing.”

The letter was as backhandedly sweet as Van Jones’ meek attempts to claim he loves Beck, noting that Beck’s purple tie remarks have made them harder to find and noting that the smock comes from nurses “whose care you have received.” Which put Beck to mind of a tender clip from The Godfather, think horse head (“I don’t know why I thought of the big union boss”). It also gave him an idea: maybe he should express his gratitude to his favorite White House affiliates with t-shirts, too! The answer to your question is no, Che Guevara does not appear, but Chairman Mao does! Jones got a “Marxist” t-shirt, while Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom, and “anybody at the White House” got the slightly more elaborate “I Heart Mao” design. But Stern’s was the most special of all. Video below. Special Mediaite surprise below that.

At the end of the show, Glenn had a present for us, too! Proving he’s still keeping tabs on Mediaite Beck gave us something better than a t-shirt: air time. Beck read a block quote directly from Mediaite post from yesterday on the White House’s reasoning for granting Bret Baier an exclusive interview (credit goes Mike Allen at Politico for getting the original quote). And then, just as we had suggested (sort of), picked up his Mao phone and reminded the president he could call anytime. Vidoe below.

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