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Gibbs On Baier-Obama Chat: “Always Better To Let The President Give An Answer”

The takeaway question from yesterday’s contentious sit-down interview between Fox News’ Bret Baier and President Obama: Was Baier guilty of unnecessarily interrupting the President, or was he simply keeping the President on track? We’ve already run down the mixed media reactions to the interview, and now Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs for his thoughts on the interview.

Christopher specifically asked: “During the president’s interview with Bret Baier last night he seemed rather perturbed by both by the number of interruptions and to a lesser degree the process-heavy nature of the questioning. I was wonder if you…if watching that interview what your reaction was to the conduct and the substance of it.”

Gibbs replied “I will simply say that I think its always better when you interview the president, you let the president give an answer. I’ve always found that to be the most effective way to conduct an interview.”

Christopher, a Mediaite columnist since it launched, has also been a member of the White House Press Corps for well over a year. Following is a the clip as it was discussed today on Fox News between Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.

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