Beck: ‘Not Saying Obama Is With Terrorists …But He Is Sympathetic To Their Cause’


One of the first things that any undergraduate student learns in their first undergraduate class is that when someone prefaces a comment with “I’m not saying (insert something honest, controversial, or potentially offensive), but…” what they really mean is that they actually do believe in whatever thing they are saying. For example, on Glenn Beck‘s radio program this morning, Mr. Beck made clear to his audience that he’s not saying that President Obama is with the terrorists, before clarifying that “he is sympathetic to their cause.”

Beck introduces the segment by noting that the U.S. government (particularly Obama) was strangely absent during the BP Oil Disaster, to which his radio show colleagues chime in to say that “it’s been like that with every crisis.” One can’t help but wonder how Beck’s critique of Obama’s distant and small government footprint squares with his oft-repeated plea for a distant and small government footprint.

But that’s not the meat of the clip below. The eyebrow raising moment comes when Beck alleges that Obama “just sees us the oppressor nation,” before saying that Obama “is not with the terrorists,” making clear that that is not what he is saying before continuing “but he is sympathetic with their cause.” To be fair, Beck (and his radio pals) seem to almost immediately recognize the potential Media Matters headline that would come from this declaration, and reshaped the initial comment to make clear that Obama was not in league with terrorists or with suicide bombers.

Listen to the audio clip below, courtesy of Mercury Radio Arts:

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