Glenn Beck: ‘This Isn’t 1985!’ How Did a Website Get So Royally Screwed Up?

Plenty of conservatives, Glenn Beck included, said health care was going to be a disaster, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the website would be so screwed up. On his show Wednesday, Beck cracked joked about MS-DOS and cried “This isn’t 1985!” to show the absolute absurdity of something as basic as a web page not functioning as it is supposed to.

Beck took note of the news that the Obamacare site was down again for a lot of people, suggesting the news have countdown clocks to show “how many days America has gone without a functioning website.”

Stu Berguiere said, “We were not exactly positive on this program as it was debated and developed. Honestly, I never dreamed that they couldn’t come up with a website that would actually allow people to buy the crappy insurance!”

Beck added, “The website was the least of my worries!”

He mockingly touted the “best and the brightest” the Obama administration supposedly had to work with that led to a website that hasn’t worked for 30 days. Pat Gray pointed out the Blaze website has about the same number of people going on as the Obamacare site does, and it’s worked fine.

Beck asked, “How fast would you fire someone in the private sector if you couldn’t design a website designed to take people’s money?!”

He concluded, “It is the worst system I have ever, ever seen.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[photo via screengrab]

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