Glenn Beck: Where Was the Press’ Outrage Over Lies for the Past 8 Years?


Glenn Beck is glad that the press is being tough on the Trump administration over “alternative facts,” but he asked today where was this outrage under the Obama administration.

“Lie after lie after lie came out of the White House press room during the Obama administration,” he said,” and you all sat there like bumps on the log and you either reported it or just let it slide.”

He called out Chuck Todd in particular over his Kellyanne Conway interview yesterday. Beck was very critical of the ridiculous “alternative facts” line and Trump’s fixation on crowd size and the numbers, but he also said Todd missed an opportunity to issue a mea culpa.

Beck argued that if the press wants to regain some of the credibility it has lost, people like Todd need to start owning up to their oversights going back the last eight years.

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He thinks the press needs to keep saying they made those mistakes over and over in order to get people to start trusting them again.

Later in his show, Beck cited specific examples of lies and falsehoods from President Obama, most notably the president’s claim that in some communities it’s easier for teens to get their hands on Glocks than on computers and books. (This claim got a “Mostly False” rating from PolitiFact.)

Beck made the point that any false statement of Trump’s sets off the press, but comments like the above from Obama and his administration didn’t get close to that kind of reaction.

He added that if any conservative dared make a statement close to what Madonna said about blowing up the White House, the media reaction would have been very different.

Listen to both segments above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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