comScore Fear Not! Dems Played Right Into Glenn Beck’s Plan With HCR Vote

Fear Not! Dems Played Right Into Glenn Beck’s Plan With HCR Vote

I have to wonder if someone challenged Glenn Beck to make every possible historic reference he could summon to mind tonight — tenuous or otherwise — in attempting to describe the blanket badness of last night’s health care vote, because there sure was a lot of them (video below). But first things first!

If you were expecting Glenn Beck to throw a temper tantrum over the passing of the health care bill by the House you had to wait a full twenty minutes into tonight’s show to see any expression of anger. Beck wanted to make good and sure viewers knew he was not upset. Turns out Congress had played right into his hands by revealing themselves to be the evil Progressives he has been saying they were for a full year now (so sort of like the validation Beck was hoping for from Massa, but writ large). So, yes, in many ways this is the best thing that could have happened to Beck.

But fear not, he is also very angry. For a number of reasons, one of them being that people (and Nancy Pelosi) had the audacity to describe the HCR bill as “historic.” It is not historic in Glenn Beck’s definition of the word. To make his point Beck lists (with visuals) all the American events that he does consider historic. And he’s certainly not wrong, at all. However, all the “historic” events that pop to Beck’s mind either involved violence, or were a reaction to it (i.e. the Gettysburg Address)…draw your own conclusions. Also, no major legislation apparently made Beck’s cut. Video below.

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