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GOP Sen. Pat Toomey: Roy Moore’s Accusers Waiting 40 Years ‘Raises Question About Credibility’

In the wake of the bombshell allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore that he pursued relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s and he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old at that time, one of the talking points that has emerged from conservatives has been to question the timing and credibility of the accusations. One of these ways has been for skeptics to wonder aloud why the women waited 40 years to come forward.

During an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) used this tactic while also stating that many of his Republican colleagues would prefer for Moore to step aside in the Senate race. He stated that he’d also prefer a write-in candidate. Speaking to host Chuck Todd, Toomey would commit to whether or not the Senate should refuse to seat Moore if he wins the election next month.

“We’ll have to wrestle with that if and when the time comes,” the Pennsylvania lawmaker responded. “A lot has to happen before that.”

When pressed that he wouldn’t rule out that option, Toomey stated that he wasn’t going to “project” over a “hypothetical.” Todd went on to push Toomey on why there are many folks that seem to be latching onto political ideology over what “is clearly morally repugnant.”

“I’m not sure who you are referring to,” Toomey noted. “I think Republicans have addressed this in a thoughtful and responsible way. We have a 40-year-old allegation that is unprovable probably. Despite that many of us are suggesting that the preponderance of the evidence seems to support the accuser and therefore many of us would prefer for Roy to step aside. I think that is a responsible way to approach this.”

Todd wanted to know why Toomey brought up that the accusations were 40 years old, causing Toomey to provide the following response:

“It matters because it just raises the question about the credibility. I have said I don’t find the denial terribly credible but when someone waits 40 years before they make an accusation that raises a question itself. It is probably not knowable but there seems to be enough there that it’s very disturbing.”

Moore has publicly called the allegations “fake news” while claiming that it is all part of a political conspiracy to take down his campaign.

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

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