Guess Who Outright Dominated Last Night on Jeopardy Power Players


On paper, it was certainly a tough matchup for Thursday night’s edition of Jeopardy Power Players. ABC News’ Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro from CNN, and Minnesota Senator Al Franken. But as the game progressed, it was anything but a close contest, with one of the contestants teaching a master class in how to win big at the venerable game show.

Unfortunately, both Navarro and Hostin were apparently the students sitting in the that master class on Thursday, because Franken’s lead was so large heading into Final Jeopardy that he comedically simply wagered $5 on the category, “The Presidential Oath of Office.”

The Final Jeopardy question — “In 2013 President Obama was sworn in on 2 Bibles — one was Lincoln’s & one belonged to this man who died 103 years after Lincoln,” — was correctly answered by both Franken and Navarro (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by the way), but the former SNL star’s lead was insurmountable by that point.

The Power Players episodes this week are largely featuring cable news personalities and people in politics duking it out on behalf of charity. With his win, Senator Franken took home $50,000 for the USO. Navarro added $11,000 to Operation Smile Nicaragua, and Hostin’s third place finish was good for $10,000 to the Bronx Children’s Museum. Friday night’s showdown features Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner, CNN’s David Gregory, and’s Melissa Harris-Perry.

As for Franken? Long time fans of his work may agree that after Thursday night’s performance, a rewrite of sorts is in order: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I crush my competition at Jeopardy.

Watch the above video from ABC-New York.

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