Hacked Emails Show Clinton Staffers Tracking Reporters’ Movements

clintonEmails obtained by Smoking Gun appear to show that Hillary Clinton campaign staffers on at least two separate occasions identified and tracked the movement of troublesome campaign reporters.

The emails were given to the muckraking website by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” who claims to have successfully breached the Gmail account of Clinton volunteer Sarah Hamilton. Hamilton’s emails show that during a February Nevada rally with Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, staffers were frantically emailing each other to locate reporters in the crowd and steer the Clintons away from them.

One advance staffer began by pointing out French journalists at stage right. “Watch out for [CNN reporter] Dan Merica center right,” added another staffer in another email.

What followed was a flurry of emails tracking Merica and the French journalists’ movements during the speech:

“Dan Merica stage left.”

“French journos and dan merica heading to stage right.”

“Dan America [sic] is on backstage bleachers.”

“I’m with dan America [sic] on back stage bleachers.”

In another email in March, Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill sent out an email with the subject line “Lynn Sweet,” the name of a reporter with The Chicago Sun-Times. “Let’s keep an eye on her,” he wrote.

“Yes. I’m sitting next to her on the bus,” Hamilton immediately replied.

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