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Hillary Clinton

Lara Trump Blasts Hillary’s Grammys Appearance as ‘Despicable’: ‘Read Us Her 30,000 Missing Emails’

Watch Jeanine Pirro Harass Locals While Searching for Hillary Clinton in The Chappaqua Woods

Fox & Friends Did Not Like Hillary’s Grammys Appearance: Should Have Read From ‘Clinton Cash’

Donald Trump Jr. Has Meltdown on Twitter While Watching Grammys

Nikki Haley Slams Hillary Clinton’s Grammy Appearance: ‘Don’t Ruin Great Music With Trash’

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Surprises Grammys by Reading From ‘Fire and Fury’

Twitter Eviscerates Hillary Clinton For Tweets on Campaign Harasser: ‘You Heard… And You Moved Her’

Hannity Bashes Hillary Based on NYT Report…After Trashing NYT as ‘Fake News’ For Mueller Story

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence on 2008 Campaign Harasser: ‘We Deserve To Be Heard’

Hillary Clinton Allegedly Protected Adviser Accused of Sexual Harassment

Is Chris Matthews Really in a Position to Talk About #MeToo?

What’s the Big Deal About Harriet Tubman’s Pussyhat?

Texts From FBI Agents Suggest AG Lynch Knew ‘No Charges Will Be Brought’ in Clinton Probe

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Teases Segment from Chappaqua ‘On the Search for Hillary’

Fox News Launches Documentary Series Called ‘Scandalous’: First Season to Focus on Clintons

Twitter Trashes Chris Matthews Over ‘Cosby Pill’ Joke: ‘Makes Me Feel Ill’

Off-Air Footage Shows Chris Matthews Joking About ‘Cosby Pills’ Before Interviewing Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks: ‘Ignorant’ And ‘Racist’

CNN’s John King Dunks on Kellyanne Conway With Montage of Trump Talking Clinton

Conway Claims ‘Loser’ Clinton ‘Lost Miserably,’ Bashes Media ‘Still Stuck in Election’

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