Hannity to Kimmel: Trump and I ‘Don’t Have the Creepy Perverted Relationship’ You and Obama Must’ve Had


So this Jimmy KimmelSean Hannity feud just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Hannity has been on a tear against Kimmel after Kimmel responded to Hannity’s outrage at a bit he did mocking First Lady Melania Trump. He’s brought up old Man Show sketches, tweeted at Disney to alert them to his past behavior, and even taken to giving Kimmel the nickname “Harvey Weinstein Jr.”

This afternoon, they’ve been really going at it on Twitter, with Hannity asking him––regarding one of those old sketches––”Would you want a stranger asking your daughter to ‘grab their crotch, and put their mouths on it? Yes or no Harvey!”

Kimmel responded by asking, “Would you want your daughter being ‘grabbed by the pussy’? Yes or no?”

They got onto ratings after Hannity insulted Kimmel as a “poor man’s Colbert”:

Kimmel responded by calling Hannity a “poor woman’s Rachel Maddow” and bringing up ratings:

And things got, well, weird from there:

Hannity will no doubt be talking about Kimmel again at some length on his Fox News show tonight.

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