Hannity Trashes ‘Weak, Pathetic, Visionless, Feckless, Spineless Republicans’ for Criticizing Trump


Sean Hannity opened his radio show today with a lengthy diatribe against Republicans outraged by President Trump not confronting Vladimir Putin and throwing his intel agencies under the bus.

Hannity was set off, in part, by Mediaite’s post earlier on the conservatives and Republicans who condemned Trump over the presser (hi, Sean), a list that ranges from John McCain to Liz Cheney to Ben Shapiro.

(Also, for the record, a number of Hannity’s own Fox colleagues are pretty stunned too.)

Hannity, who pointed out the meddling happened on Barack Obama‘s watch, said, “Every single person on the list that they’re calling a conservative is not a conservative. Every single one has been a never-Trumper, a huge Trump critic.”

“These Republicans have been so pathetically weak,” he continued, “they have been so feckless, they have been so visionless, they have been so uninspiring, they can’t keep the simplest of promises, and the only reason that there’s not a massive blue wave developing… is because Donald Trump has single-handedly dragged them all kicking and screaming.”

At one point, Hannity briefly conceded that “maybe he [Trump] should’ve” been a little tougher with Putin, but he went on to argue that there are a number of other big issues that the U.S. wants to work with Russia on.

He said the President’s complaints about the media before the summit were spot-on and declared, “This is all to tear down Trump.”

Hannity railed about how Republicans continue to criticize Trump even though his policies are successful:

“I’m watching all of these Republicans and I’m thinking none of them, NONE OF THEM, have the ability to lead anything. The Senate couldn’t even repeal and replace Obamacare… The only thing that either the destroy-Trump media, the Democratic party, or, frankly, Never-Trump, weak, pathetic, visionless, feckless, spineless Republicans––the only thing they seem to care about in life is being loved.”

His interview with President Trump airs tonight on Hannity at 9 pm ET.

You can listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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