Hannity Unleashes on ‘Whiny’ Jim Acosta: ‘One of the Top Pushers of Fake News’


Fox News’ Sean Hannity has spent much of his time of late going after his media competitors. Whether it be Rachel Maddow or Joe Scarborough or Jeff Zucker, Hannity has devoted tons of tweets and television segments taking aim at them and others for damaging President Donald Trump and being a part of the “alt-radical destroy Trump media.”

With Hannity already all over the CNN retraction story that has led to the resignations of three journalists, the conservative commentator decided he wanted to spend a few minutes Tuesday night ridiculing and blasting one of the network’s most visible reporters.

“CNN has really made great strides in solidifying their position as one of America’s premiere fake news networks,” the Fox News host declared. “One of the top pushers of fake news is combative and whiny senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.”

Hannity took issue with Acosta making waves over the fact that the White House has held fewer on-camera press briefings lately, stating that since the administration is “forcing Acosta out of the spotlight,” the reporter has become “unhinged.”

Highlighting Acosta’s recent confrontation with Sean Spicer in which Acosta asked the press secretary why he wouldn’t allow the cameras to be turned on, Hannity claimed Acosta was just “using fake news as a political weapon” against the Trump administration.

Hannity went on to call Acosta “sensitive” and he is just “looking for ways to damage the president.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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