Here’s Marco Rubio Dressed in Chippendales Attire Because High School, Man

Seeing as several people have announced their presidential campaigns, “silly season” is officially upon us, and so you know what that means: Lots of frivolous news items about the candidates that add nothing but a few laughs and/or fake outrage to the mix.

Today’s edition comes in the form of an old photograph of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the latest entrant to the GOP primary field, dressed like a Chippendales male revue dancer during a high school talent competition called “King Cobra.”

According to the New York Observer, which exclusively obtained the photo:

The team nickname at South Miami Senior High School, which Mr. Rubio was graduated from in 1989, was the Cobras. Every year there was a male talent competition for “King Cobra” and in 1989, Mr. Rubio and some of his football teammates wowed the crowd with a Chippendale’s style dance routine. That’s him in front of the O in “Cobra” with the washboard abs (eat your heart out, Aaron Schock!).

The photo below, for reference:

Rubio finished second-to-last in the competition. No word on how that failure will affect his presidential aspirations.

But the Observer did note that the 1989 King Cobra title ended up staying within the Rubio family. How? Carlos Ponce, winner of the crown that year, later married Rubio’s sister Veronica.

News you can use! (Election Day 2016 is 571 days away.)

[Featured image via Chippendales/YouTube]

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