Hillary Clinton Reveals Exactly How She’s Preparing For the Debates Against Donald Trump

On September 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will (if all goes according to plan) square off on the campus of Hofstra University in Long Island for the first of three Presidential debates. While the scheduling of the events has been the topic of much controversy and dirt-kicking in recent weeks, the candidates are still going to have to prepare vigorously.

Clinton, the Democratic party nominee, told Jimmy Kimmel that she has been watching Trump’s debate performances from the primaries. “I’m here to ask for your help!” she joked with Kimmel.

“He insulted all of his opponents. He insulted all of the moderators,” Clinton said of Trump’s debate performances from the past year. “He insulted I guess about 80% of the American people and rest of the world and so how do you prepare for that?”

“I think it’s a serious chance for Americans to tune in and if they haven’t made up their minds, to try to make up their minds,” she continued. “So I want to take it seriously.”

But, considering Trump is no ordinary candidate — plus with the addition of no-holds-barred Stephen Bannon to the campaign — absolutely anything could happen. “But, you’ve got to be prepared for wacky stuff, so I am drawing on my experience from elementary school,” she told the crowd.

“You know, the guy who pulled your pony tail,” she clarified with a laugh.

[image via ABC screengrab]

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