On Kimmel, Hillary Clinton Finds the One Donald Trump Quote She Refuses to Even Read Out Loud

Last night on Jimmel Kimmel Live, Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton stopped by to discuss the state of the race and and her GOP rival Donald Trump. At one point, the late night show host presented a bowl — complete with a Trumpian wig of something on top — for a game proposal for the former Secretary of State: could she get through Donald Trump quotes while keeping a straight face?

The premise of the desk bit was easy enough, but getting Clinton to crack under the weight of the situation’s severity was no laughing matter. Trump is, after all, a major party nominee to the bewilderment of just about everyone, making his history for unsavory one-liners even more remarkable in hindsight.

She managed to keep it together for popular Trump go-tos like, “I think apologizing’s a great thing, but you have to be wrong,” and “I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling.” However, there was one actual line uttered from the mouth of Donald Trump that Clinton picked out of the wig-bowl and refused to read out loud.

“Oh, I can’t read this one,” she said to the late night host. Check out the clip from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live for that one thing that even as part of a comedy bit, Clinton couldn’t bring herself to say.

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