How Each Presidential Candidate Is Capitalizing on Twitter’s #NeverForget Trending Hashtag


Every year, on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, an unfortunately large number of corporate brands attempt to cash in by posting somber, patriotic tributes on social media.

Now that we are deep into presidential campaign season, the 2016 candidates are currently engaged in a similar — if slightly less offensive — strategy. With #NeverForget trending at #1 nationally on Twitter, here are the various ways candidates on both sides of the political aisle are using the anniversary to draw attention to themselves.

As always, Jeb Bush went the straightforward route with his tweet:

But he also used the hashtag to highlight his brother’s role in the tragedy’s aftermath:

John Kasich was also to the point:

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul also kept it pretty simple:

Ted Cruz used the opportunity to attack “political correctness”:

Jim Gilmore (remember him?) took to the radio for his:

Lindsey Graham started off with solemn remembrance, but then quickly went off on a rant about how he’s better prepared than any other candidate to #DefeatISIL:

Mike Huckabee did not hesitate to criticize President Barack Obama with his tweets:

Similarly, Rick Santorum linked to an article that denounces the “forces of apocalyptic Islam”:

Martin O’Malley stressed the “values we share”:

Bobby Jindal went on CNN to discuss the anniversary and actually resisted the urge to go after Donald Trump:

George Pataki, who was New York’s governor at the time of the attacks, posted photos of himself with first responders:

Rick Perry kept things relatively light in his official statement:

Ben Carson took the pictures speak louder than words approach:

In addition to remembering the 2001 attacks, Scott Walker went the #Benghazi route:

As of just before 3 p.m. ET on Friday, neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders had anything to say about the anniversary on Twitter. And while two years ago Trump used this day to mock “losers and haters” on Twitter, now that he is the GOP frontrunner, he apparently decided to tone things down a bit:

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