Lindsey Graham Warns ‘Conditions for Another 9/11 Are Ripe’

grahamSenator Lindsey Graham sat down with Boston Herald Radio yesterday and warned about another 9/11 potentially being around the corner.

Graham talked about everything from Iran to trade to the refugee crisis to Donald Trump, but at one point he was asked about the Syrian refugee crisis and whether more should be done to help the refugees.

He spoke about the need to do more in the Middle East and warned, “the next 9/11 coming to our shores is most likely to come from Syria.”

A few minutes later, he elaborated on that and said, “The conditions for another 9/11 are ripe.” He lamented how U.S. intelligence isn’t stepping up more in the face of threats from more and more terrorists who are becoming too numerous to monitor at a 100 percent rate.

You can listen to Graham’s full interview here (the relevant part starts at the 13:30 mark), via Boston Herald Radio:

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