Howard Kurtz Busts ‘Bombshell’ Super Cut of Press Saying Trump is Done: ‘A Complete and Total Distortion’


Starting just before Halloween a supercut video purportedly featuring members of the media declaring the demise of Donald Trump over and over went very viral on social media, garnering a lot of blue check retweets and even one from Donald Trump, Jr. But Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz, who was among the faces in the montage, fact-checked the clip Sunday and found it sorely lacking.

“This is really ticking me off,” said Kurtz, introducing the clip. “here’s a video out there setting off a lot of buzz online. Donald Trump Jr. is one of those who has retweeted it, showing a bunch of big mouth pundits just flatly writing off his father’s presidency, and the underlying theme is true. I have repeatedly criticized commentators were doing that going back to the early months of Donald Trump’s tenure.”

He showed a brief portion of the long video and then came back to ask why he was in it.

“Hold on. Wait a minute,” he said. “What on Earth am I doing in there? Well I got suspicious and I did a little digging. Here’s what I actually said last year while interviewing a top editor at Breitbart after Steve Bannon parted company with the president.”

He then played a clip of that interview, in which one can see that Kurtz was reading a quote from a Breitbart article, not himself saying that Trump’s presidency was ‘done.”

“Aha. I was quoting someone else in an interview. My view was 180 degrees opposite, so that was a complete and total distortion,” he said, and then turned to another person featured in the viral video. “By the way? That lead-off sound bite from Brian Williams, here’s what the MSNBC anchor actually said while interviewing former Congressman David Jolly.”

He then played the full clip, showing that Williams, too, was quoting someone else.

“Who’s behind his twisted video? An entertainment outfit called Super Deluxe, which was part of Turner Entertainment. Part of CNN’s parent company before the takeover by AT&T, and which, coincidentally, was shut down one day after posting that video. A video that was utterly intellectually dishonest.” Kurtz did note that the underlying theme, which is pundits claiming this or that was the end of Trump, is an actual thing, and some of the sound bites are definitely that.

Below, find the full original video, which does seem like it’s hilarious on first viewing, even though they obviously played loose with some sound bites.

The version shared by Donald Trump Jr. via retweet clipped the first 40 seconds or so and can be seen below.

Watch the clips above courtesy of Fox News Channel and Super Deluxe.

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