‘I Think She’s Incompetent’: Trump Slams Nancy Pelosi, Says She’s Done a ‘Terrible Job’


During an appearance on ABC’s This Week this past Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized President Donald Trump and his administration, claiming the president hasn’t introduced a jobs bill and has, instead, put Wall Street first. She also condemned his actions on immigration and stance towards Russia.

In his interview with Fox & Friends that aired this morning, Trump hit back at Pelosi. “Well, I’ve been watching Nancy’s tape, and so I think she’s incompetent, actually,” he told the hosts. “You know, if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller.”

After saying he actually likes a two-party system but feels we are quickly heading to a one-party system, he then turned back to the subject of Pelosi. “She’s done a terrible job,” POTUS exclaimed. He added that he doesn’t think she’s a “good spokesman” before bragging about his accomplishments so far.

Following the airing of the interview, a Pelosi spox provided a statement in response to Trump’s charge:

As Leader Pelosi stated yesterday, this President came into office promising bold action on jobs. Forty days later, the American people see nothing but a squandered four weeks in which this President has done nothing but instill fear,” Drew Hammill said. “In classic fashion, the President is projecting his incompetence on to others. Instead of calling people names, President Trump should focus on how he’s going to grow the American economy and live up to the promises he’s made to the American people.

In yesterday’s White House press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer reacted to Pelosi’s harsh criticism of Trump by proclaiming that the president has already created lots of jobs.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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