Ian Bremmer on Second Putin Meeting: ‘It’s a Real Story’ Despite Trump Tweeting ‘It’s Fake News’


Earlier today, it was reported that besides the formal meeting President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held at the G20 Summit, the two men also had an informal, undisclosed, hourlong conversation at a dinner for world leaders at the summit. This news was brought to the forefront by political scientist and foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer, who first dropped this tidbit in an interview with Charlie Rose.

Bremmer showed up tonight on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the story he broke. As he was coming on the air, the president took to Twitter to slam the story, even though the White House had confirmed the dinner conversation had taken place between the leaders.

Explaining to Rachel Maddow that attendees told him the discussion between Trump and Putin was “extremely friendly” and “animated,” Bremmer pointed out that they were out of earshot and no one will have a readout of the meeting unless the Russian translator has a tape, as no one from Trump’s staff sat in.

After highlighting how unusual it is to engage in such openly friendly banter with an adversary in front of world leaders, he brought up Trump’s recent tweets about the meeting.

“That’s unusual and disconcerting for American allies around the world and it certainly — despite the fact that Trump tweeted that it’s fake news, it’s a real story,” Bremmer concluded.

Maddow countered that it is now just considered a “day that ends in Y” whenever the president tweets about something being fake news.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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