ICYMI: Steve Buscemi Played John Kasich In A Skit About Hating the Movie Fargo


Steve Buscemi is a good sport who loves to appear in skits. When he found out that John Kasich dedicated three pages of his 2006 book Stand for Something to how much he totally despised* the movie Fargo, Buscemi took the insult to one of his biggest blockbusters in stride.

On Friday, he told Stephen Colbert this:

I do feel bad, like, whenever anybody — you know, like a viewer — doesn’t like my work in any way or it upsets them, so I’ve taken it upon myself to rectify it and I have personally financed a film based on this book and starring me as John Kasich.

When Colbert said he couldn’t wait to see it, Buscemi said he brought a clip.

In the above clip, Buscemi does, in fact, play Kasich. He acts out the scene from the book in which Kasich mounts his one-man campaign to stop Blockbuster from carrying Fargo. Colbert appeared as the battle-worn and flamboyant Blockbuster employee who was tasked with feeding old VHS tapes into a grinder. (What a strange idea for a plot, right?)

When Buscemi’s Kasich whines to Colbert’s character about being recommended “garbage,” the exasperated Blockbuster cashier unleashes this:

Sir, Fargo is a classic, alright? An Oscar-winning performance by Frances McDormand and…oh, who is it? It’s that sort of weird-looking guy who always plays the loser…whose name I forget…

Buscemi helpfully suggests, “William H. Macy,” as the crowd howls. From there, the two reenact the scene from the book, taking great care to lampoon how much detail Kasich used in describing an otherwise-mundane trip to the video store in his book.

Watch above.

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*I find it fascinating that Kasich hated the movie because it was too violent. Personally, I hate it because whenever I tell someone where I’m from, they hit me with a poor attempt at the overdone midwestern accents from the film. “Ooooh, Nert Dakootah like in Fargo, huh, don’cha knoow?!” Stop doing this. It’s been 20 years.

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