‘I’m Always Right’: Mika Brzezinski Passionately Defends Her On-Air ‘Meltdowns’


Mika Brzezinski has a message for you: She’s always right.

On Tuesday’s edition of Morning Joe, Mika, Joe and all the regulars gathered to dissect the Sally Yates hearings. The former Deputy Attorney General delivered testimony to a Senate Judiciary subcommittee yesterday about how the White House ignored her warnings about Gen. Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia.

“It’s interesting, Mika, that Donald Trump referred to the investigation of General Flynn as a witch hunt,” said Scarborough. “Even after he has all of this information, even after he fires him himself, he is still, for some reason, trying to defend this man, who did things that were indefensible,”

“It does raise questions about the amount of money that Trump has probably gotten funded through Russia for all of his personal interests,” Brzezinski added.

The co-host then extolled her own predictive powers, segueing into a larger diatribe against Trump and the “stuttering and bumbling” Sean Spicer.

“The bigger issue is every lie chips away at this presidency, and every untruth that Sean Spicer brings to the table, stuttering and bumbling, because he’s so uncomfortable with himself,” she said. “I know my little meltdowns make you laugh. They’re always right. I’m always right when, I’m telling you right now, these guys are going to find themselves literally fumbling on their own lies to the point where it brings them down. it’s going to start with the press secretary, but it’s going to end up on the president’s desk.”

Watch above.

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