Ingraham Attacks Hewitt: ‘One of the Most Overrated’ Talk Show Hosts in U.S.

Ingraham HewittConservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham took a shot at fellow conservative Hugh Hewitt Friday morning, calling him one of the most overrated talk radio hosts in the country.

Ingraham began by playing audio of Hewitt during an October appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Marco Rubio may be the most dynamic speaker the Republican Party has seen ever, actually, since [Abraham Lincoln],” Hewitt said.

Ingraham, a frequent Rubio critic, did not care for that comment. “Hugh Hewitt, one of the most– God bless him– overrated radio talk show hosts in the United States,” she said. “I mean, I know that does not sound charitable, but God bless you.”

“That’s Lincoln? Then somewhere Lincoln is doing a triple Lutz in the grave. Lincoln?” she said incredulously.

Earlier in the year, Ingraham took to Twitter to criticize Hewitt after Donald Trump flubbed a series of foreign policy questions on his radio show, accusing Hewitt of being in the tank for Jeb Bush.

Listen above, via The Laura Ingraham Show.

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