Intel Report Reportedly Warned Of Possible ‘Small Scale Bombings’ Ahead Of Boston Marathon Attack

An intelligence report, five days before the attack took place, identified the Boston Marathon finish line as an “area of increased vulnerability,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, the report warned Boston police of “small scale bombings.”

The Times reported that 18-page report — portions of which were read to a Washington bureau reporter by two officials — was by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, “a command center funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security that helps disseminate intelligence information to local police and first responders.”

While the assessment is said to identify a vulnerability, it appears it was short on further specifics and information:

The “joint special event assessment” is dated April 10. It notes that at the time there was “no credible, specific information indicating an imminent threat” to the race.

“The FBI has not identified any specific lone offender or extremist group who pose a threat to the Boston marathon,” the report reads.

On Thursday, a House Intelligence Committee held the first of a series hearings looking into the intelligence and information sharing prior to attack — which killed three people and wounded more than 200 others. Boston police officials testified that the FBI did not inform them that one of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had visited Dagestan — but were unsure what local law enforcement would have made of the information, given than the FBI had interviewed him and not found him suspicious.

Read the full report here.

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