James O’Keefe Leaks New Video Targeting Van Jones — And Twitter is Divided


Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe was back at it again Wednesday with a new video, a day after he released a tape of a CNN health producer bemoaning media coverage of the Russia investigation.

O’Keefe, whose imprint Project Veritas specializes in surreptitiously filming his enemies and editing the videos to give the appearance of impropriety, released on Wednesday a video of CNN commentator Van Jones questioning the merits of Russia coverage.

The video, which you can watch above, features O’Keefe approaching Jones in the street and asking him about “the whole Russia thing,” to which Jones responds “the Russia thing is just a big nothing-burger.”

He also adds “there’s nothing there you can do.”

The more sober corners of Twitter pointed out that Jones’ comments are not given context, don’t do much to undermine CNN’s credibility, and are not out of step with the commentators previous remarks — in other words, his nothing-burger comments are something of a, wait for it, nothing-burger (please clap):

Meanwhile, over in the Twitter MAGA-sphere, pro-Trump commentators took to social media to celebrate the latest damning evidence that the Russia story is a fabrication of the biased mainstream media — with Mike Cernovich leading the charge:

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