comScore Jeffrey Toobin Bashes Kavanaugh: 'Weird' For Him Go On Fox News, 'Republican Television'

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Jeffrey Toobin Bashes Kavanaugh: ‘Weird’ For a SCOTUS Nominee to Go On Fox News, ‘Republican Television’

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin slammed both Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Fox News over the judge’s appearance on the network Monday night.

Speaking on The Situation Room, Toobin was incredulous at the idea of a Supreme Court nominee going on a network he deems to be in the tank for the GOP.

“Fox News?!” A flabbergasted Toobin said. “Really?! That’s where Supreme Court justices are now expected to appear? I just think, you know, there is at least the nominal appearance of nonpartisanship that is usually required of Supreme Court justices. To go on Republican television and, you know, get all weepy…”

Toobin was interrupted by his colleague Gloria Borger — who suggested that it was odd for Kavanaugh to participate in an interview with any outlet.

“But go on the Today show,” Toobin replied. “Go on 20/20 or something. But to go on the Republican network is even more weird.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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