Jesse Watters: UC Berkeley Offers a Safe Space for Everyone but Conservatives


With conservative provocateur and author Ann Coulter tossing in the towel earlier today regarding her speech at the University of California – Berkeley, following a week-plus of public discussion surrounding free speech on college campuses, the folks over at The Five were once again able to jump headlong into the controversy.

A night after left-leaning co-host Bob Beckel clashed with the rest of the panel about Coulter — calling her an “idiot” while still standing up for her right to speak — Jesse Watters devoted quite a bit of time tearing into the college and the concept of “safe spaces.”

“They caved to the mob and the mob won and the mob is emboldened,” Watters declared. “I looked on the Berkeley website today — I had a lot of time on my hand — and they have safe spaces for just about anybody.”

After claiming the college has safe spaces for a number of minorities, including Muslims, American Indians, and undocumented students, Watters bemoaned the lack of a safe space for one specific class of people.

“But they don’t have a safe space for a conservative,” he stated.

He went on to say that the college couldn’t protect Coulter from violence due to incompetence or because they just didn’t want to.

After Berkeley initially canceled Coulter’s appearance due to a concern of violence — the school later said they’d offer a new date and time, which Coulter rejected — a number of notable figures on the left came to her defense, including Bill Maher, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Following Coulter backing down, the ACLU criticized the “heckler’s vote” at Berkeley, stating that we must protect free speech.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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