Kimmel Knocks Trump For Using ‘…’ in Between North Korea Tweets: ‘This is Not Dot Dot Dot Time!’


On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel took on President Trump on his handling of North Korea, but more specifically the way he tweets about North Korea.

“Being on the West Coast of the United States is not such a good thing anymore,” Kimmel began. “I woke up this morning like, ‘Good. Okay. We’re still alive.”

He then slammed Trump for breaking up his tweets this morning on North Korea with “…”

“He [made] us wait seven minutes!” he exclaimed. “You can get away with the dot dot dot stuff when you’re tweeting about CNN or Rosie O’Donnell, but Kim Jong-un — in the time between those tweets, Kim Jong-un could have a nuclear missile halfway to my house, okay?!? This is not dot dot dot time! It’s not not not is what I’m saying!”

Kimmel acknowledged that Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all failed to properly address North Korea, but Trump’s strategy of “golfing and watching Fox & Friends” isn’t working either.

“The bottom line is we cannot afford an unstable, unpredictable, egomaniac dictator in charge of an arsenal of nuclear weapons. And Kim Jong-un has to be stopped too!” he quipped.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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