Joe Biden to Megyn Kelly: Blue Collar Rust Belters ‘Love Me More’ Than Trump

On Monday, former Vice President Joe Biden made his way through the Today show gauntlet to launch his 2020 candidacy promote his new book. After participating in a town hall forum of sorts during the 8 a.m. hour, Biden dropped by a neighboring studio for a chat with Megyn Kelly — during which he spent more time touting his presidential bona fides.

Kelly asked Biden about reasons a skeptic might throw cold water on the idea of Biden 2020.

“You’re going to be 77 in 2020,” Kelly said. “You wouldn’t have any new ideas. You’ve already run twice and lost. You’d have to promise that it would be one term only. And the blue collar Rust Belt-ers who you’d need to get elected already love [President] Donald Trump.”

Biden was silent for a beat, And then, he deadpanned:

“They love me more.”

The response was met with cheers from the Megyn Kelly Today studio audience. Biden smiled, and then elaborated after being prompted by Kelly.

“I understand the Rust Belt,” Biden said. “Donald Trump has no notion what those people going through. If you take a look — it’s not a criticism, it’s an observation — because look, but for 77,000 votes now, this would be a different race. Come on, let’s take a look at this.

“They call me ‘Middle Class Joe.’ Well, it’s not meant as a compliment in Washington. It means I’m not sophisticated. But I understand. I understand what built this country. And the only thing I know I know is the middle class, their hopes, their aspirations. Because it’s where I come from. It’s what I am.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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