Joe Scarborough Catches Twitter Hell for Defending Pat Robertson


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, via his Twitter feed, tried to put Pat Robertson’s comments about Haiti’s pact with Satan, pointing out the televangelist’s charitable relief work. As a result, many in the Twitterverse who see this as a defense of Robertson’s remarks are scorning Joe. Scarborough fought back. Here are some choice Tweets.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

MSM will now obsess over Pat Robertson’s “devil” comment but will pay no attention to his organization’s remarkable relief work worldwide.

From RedEye‘s Andy Levy:

Fair enough, but Robertson’s comments weren’t “silly.” They were despicable.

From Scarborough:

Criticize when it is deserved. But give credit where it I’d due. The MSM never does when it comes to Robertson’s relief work.

Like…ugh…no I’m not defending the words. RT @kaileykristine: Pat Robertson is the top trending topic, and @JoeNBC is defending him. Ugh.

And from Levy again:

You’re not defending Robertson’s words, but you are minimizing them.

A tweep named liberalgeek makes an excellent point:

Do you ignore the humanitarian work done Hugo Chavez to give fuel oil to poor in the US? Or do you question his motives?

And finally, there were these from Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher:

Isn’t ignoring his words because of the money *itself* a deal with the Devil? #DEEPTHOUGHTS

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After several attempts to clarify, Scarborough wisely closed the book with this:

Enough on Pat Robertson. I will let ideologues grind their axes. The rest of us need to focus on the growing horror in #Haiti.

Fair enough. Perhaps this isn’t the time to focus on Joe Scarborough’s comment about Robertson. On the other hand, perhaps when so many are dead and dying, it’s not the time to put a silk hat on a guy who says they did it to themselves, with an assist from Satan.

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