John Oliver Breaks Down Every Scandal Plaguing Clinton and Trump Ahead of Tonight’s Big Debate


Last Week Tonight on HBO did a deep dive Sunday night into the history of trouble that has dogged each of the major party candidates, in case “you’re factoring their scandals into your [voting] decision,” said host John Oliver. Scandals on a presidential campaign are nothing new of course; Oliver pointed out that Presidents Obama and Bush both were plagued by controversies, as was Dwight D. Eisenhower with the reveal that his middle initial stood for “Deez Nuts.”

“More than 100 million people could be watching two candidates whose campaigns have been defined less by questions about their polices than about their ethics,” he said at the open to the segment. Beginning with Democratic party nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oliver worked his way through the nuance of her email scandal during the 21 minute segment, but, as he admits, “…not being as bad as Donald Trump is a low bar to clear.”

The host at one point began railing on the Clinton Swiss file transfer scandal, which he sold his audience on for moment before admitting it was fake altogether. “But the very fact that for a second, you kind of remembered it says something about the tone of coverage surrounding Clinton.”

As for the Clinton Foundation, Oliver hit the nail on the head by noting that in the span of the last six months, it has gone from a reputable and well-liked charitable endeavor to one that now inspires a worse visceral reaction than the Kars 4 Kids theme song. But despite the lengthly history of the Foundation and the recent pressure from critics to shut it down or have the Clintons remove themselves from the operation altogether, Oliver says, “the harder you look, the less you actually find.”

“What is there is irritating, rather than grossly nefarious,” he continues about the Clinton Foundation.

As for Donald Trump — “America’s wealthiest hemorrhoid,” according to the HBO host — his own history of scandal is well-documented on Last Week Tonight itself. Trump is the only major party nominee in decades not to release his tax returns, and the issue of establishing a blind trust for his companies should be win the election was another that Oliver hammered him.

As for the newly-emerging controversies that Trump used charitable givings to his own Foundation to pay off legal fees, Oliver says, “…on the spectrum of shittiest things you can do, that’s right up there with catfishing a baby owl. He waited all night for you — and he’s nocturnal — so that’s his day gone!”

Watch the full segment above via HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

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