Jon Favreau Reminds Everyone Media Had Meltdown When Obama ‘Politely’ Disagreed With Supreme Court Ruling


Jon Favreau, a former Obama staffer and host of the popular Pod Save America podcast, called out the media for losing “its mind” over former President Barack Obama’s response to the Supreme Cuurt’s lamdmark Citizens United ruling after President Donald Trump, today, directly criticized Chief Justice John Roberts.

“Remember when Obama politely said that he disagreed with the Citizens United ruling during a State of the Union and Official Washington lost its mind because the Justices happened to be in attendance?” Favreau tweeted.

He included a link to a CNN story dated to 2010 in-which the author describes “Obama’s high-profile rebuke of a recent Supreme Court ruling” where he :committed a rare breach of political etiquette.” The author also notes that “Democrats pounded the high court decision.”

In response to one Twitter user who said Obama “rudely scolded” the court, Favreau shot back, “Yes that’s right he began the sentence with ‘With all due deference to the separation of powers’ and ended by asking Congress to pass a law.”

His media commentary came after Trump took to Twitter to rebutted Chief Justice John Roberts and knocked “Obama judges.”

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