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Jon Stewart (And Anderson Cooper!) Investigate Louie Gohmert’s ‘Terror Babies’

Remember last August when all we had to worry about were Town Halls and Death Panels? Oh 2009. Last night Jon Stewart took a break from the Ground Zero Mosque hysteria to introduce a new segment: ‘Jon Stewart & Anderson Look at Gaping Holes.’ In this particular instant the gaping security hole that has been left open for the ‘Terror Babies‘ to infiltrate this nation. Spoiler alert: Anderson Cooper does not actually appear except in clips from his interview with Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Says Stewart: “That’s a very tiny hole…I’m sure that Rep. Gohmert realizes that it’s easier for a terrorist to recruit Americans than for parents to count on their ‘terror babies’ doing what they want them to. Because you know when they become ‘terror teens’ they turn you out.”

Stewart is not worried about the coming army of ‘terror babies’: “Guess what we got! HERO BABIES. Take your best shot terror babies! Because these babies don’t run…yet.”

Later, Stewart ‘defended’ Anderson Cooper against Gohmert’s assertion that he “used to be good” and further wondered it Gohmert was aware terrorists aren’t naturally packed with explosives…”gunpowder babies!” And that’s really just the tip of the Gohmert iceberg. Watch below.

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