Jon Stewart On GOP’s Pledge To America: ‘Not A Sequel, But A Shot-By- Shot Remake’

GOP leadership orchestrated a big to do yesterday unveiling ‘Pledge to America’, and staging a big press conference in which elected officials took turns at the microphone making the most banal of pledges under the context of presenting new ideas. Enter Jon Stewart, whose team of producers found rather stunning examples of the nearly same exact rhetoric spoken by GOP leaders in the early years of the Bush administration. As Stewart said, “This thing’s not even a sequel, its a shot by shot remake.”

Stewart called the Pledge to America the “same sh*t we’ve heard before” then showed a clip of John Boehner saying of the preamble to the pledge “the point we’re making is…we are not going to be different than what we’ve been.” After the laughter subsided, Stewart likened this to an unrepentant boyfriend, saying:

So two years ago, America broke up with you because you had badly mistreated her. And so you disappear, do some soul-searching, get your head together. And you come back, wrapping at our door, hat in hand, and you say ‘Baby, I know you left me, but if we get back together I pledge to you, I promise you, I will still try to f*ck your sister every chance I get. It’s who I am baby! Now make up your mind, because I’m not going to ask you twice!”

The following segment viewed below mostly speaks for itself, but we should rise and applaud the efforts of Daily Show producers who work tirelessly finding the archival clips that help make Mr. Stewart’s program seem so smart (and the electorate seem so…well, not so smart.)

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