Keith Olbermann Swipes At MSNBC’s ‘Collapse,’ Rachel Maddow On Twitter

Remember Keith Olbermann? There was a time when his name was practically synonymous with MSNBC. Now the network has a powerful primetime lineup, but its ratings aren’t necessarily looking so good. Olbermann took to Twitter this week to wryly comment on how the network has undergone a bit of a “collapse” and made an aside about his current relationship with his former friend and colleague Rachel Maddow.

On Wednesday, Olbermann responded to a tweet from (of all things) a seafood restaurant.

Olbermann simply replied, “This is sarcasm, yes?” Another Twitter user thought Olbermann was being snarky about Maddow taking his place, and tweeted back at him.

Olbermann said he was only just talking about the network, but can’t really say anything about Maddow because he lost touch with her.

Olbermann said back in 2011, when he was working at Current TV, that people at MSNBC were “forced to choose sides” and “didn’t want to add to the pressure” on Maddow, which is why he hadn’t spoken with her since leaving.

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