Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Hangs All of Bernie’s Hopes on ‘Probable’ FBI Indictment of Hillary


One leading bellwether of the currents in the Bernie Sanders movement is the goings on at liberal online behemoth The Young Turks, which has long been a Bernie bunker headed by relative realist Cenk Uygur and a team that’s closer to Susan Sarandon on the #BernieOrBust spectrum. After the New York primary, Uygur predicted that if Sanders lost in Pennsylvania, it would be all over for Sanders, and after Tuesday night’s near-sweep by Hillary Clinton, he soberly told his viewers that their last vestige of hope for a Sanders victory rests in the hands of the FBI. According to Cenk, an indictment of Hillary Clinton related to the email “scandal” is “probable,” the only questions being whether it’s a felony indictment, and if it occurs before the Democratic National Convention:

As Cenk might say, he’s at a twelve when he really ought to be at a five. For a variety of reasons, this “scandal” will amount to nothing, and if what he says about FBI director James Comey possibly playing anti-Hillary politics with this “investigation” is true, it will be by holding off on concluding it, and allowing Republicans to continue sliding their big fat leaks into the eager mouths of uncritical journalists. In point of fact, there are not “dozens” of FBI agents working on this, there are maybe one dozen, and the review they’re conducting is something that reporters are only pretending not to understand. On any other day and any other topic, they will be the first to tell you that the government is ridiculous with its redaction pen.

I say this only to try and quell the eventual disappointment of Bernie Sanders supporters who are pinning their hopes on this. It’s not going to happen. Without getting any further into the weeds of this “scandal,” Bernie supporters should consider one very telling fact. Whether or not you believe President Obama when he says he won’t influence the Justice Department, you can be absolutely certain that he has known, for a very long time, exactly what was there for the FBI to find, and if he thought there was even a slight chance that this would amount to anything, you would not have seen Joe Biden bowing out of the race.

Inevitably, there will be outrage over this premise, but when there is, let’s remember that this hasn’t come from Bernie Sanders (yet). As with so many aspects of this year’s election, let’s also remember that things were even worse than this in 2008, when Hillary Clinton herself pinned hope for a nomination on the most ghoulish of premises:

Curious, indeed.

At the time, I caught up with Cenk at a TYT fan get-together in Asbury Park and asked for his reaction to the remark, and he made a couple of predictions:

I don’t know if it was the remark that finished Hillary, but he nailed the election result. I think he’s right this time, too, or at least he was right last week. Hillary’s four-state sweep has ended Bernie’s chances.

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