Limbaugh: Democrats Crave Violent ‘Chaos’ To Justify New Restrictive Gun Laws


On his radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Democrats craved the “chaos” of gun violence to justify further restrictions on gun possession.

“We have plenty of laws on the books to be prosecuting gun culprits,” Limbaugh said, reiterating the NRA position that we could solve gun violence by enforcing existing laws. “Why aren’t they being used? Why is it said we need more? Why is it said we need new laws?”

“Because we need the chaos,” Limbaugh answered. “We need to make it look like existing law isn’t enough, so that we can justify new laws, so that we can justify new restrictions, so that we can justify new requirements.”

Referencing Chicago’s gaudily high murder rate, Limbaugh intimated that criminals weren’t being prosecuted for fear of demonstrating the efficacy of current gun laws, which would render new legislation unnecessary.

“If you use existing law to prosecute gun violence today,” Limbaugh said, “and you get some bad guys off the street, you might send the message you don’t any new laws. Can’t have that.”

The extant laws Limbaugh mentioned are largely punitive, exercised on individuals after a gun crime, whereas the gun reform bill defeated in the Senate on Wednesday was comprised of preemptive measures.

“We want the new law,” Limbaugh argued. “Why? Because of what’s in the new law, that isn’t in current law, that would make it tougher to own a gun, and that’s what this is all about, trying to get around the Second Amendment.”

Limbaugh closed by confirming that voters were on to the Democrats. “The American people fully understand it because they know who the Democrats are on this issue,” he said. “I wish the American people understood who Democrats are on every issue like they understand this one.”

Most aspects of the gun control bill enjoyed majority support, however, and background checks, the centerpiece of the legislation, are supported by 90% of the country.

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