Limbaugh: ‘If Obamacare Is So Great,’ Why Doesn’t It ‘Sell Itself?’


Rush Limbaugh asked on Thursday why, if the Affordable Care Act was so “wonderful,” it does not “sell itself?” He noted that a number of groups and institutions, from labor unions to the members of Congress and their staffs, have attempted to secure their own waivers and carve-outs from that law. Limbaugh wondered why President Barack Obama would have to hold campaign-style rallies in support of the law if it was self-evidently beneficial.

Limbaugh began by noting that Obama held a rally on Thursday morning at a Maryland college to “sell Obamacare.”

“What’s Obama doing? It’s the law of the land,” Limbaugh asked.

He asked why Obama did not pitch Congress on how “wonderful” the law is “instead of giving them a taxpayer subsidy for 75 percent of their premiums?”

“He didn’t tell this audience today that they’re going to get 75 percent of their premiums subsidized,” Limbaugh added. “He told them how wonderful it is. He told them how inexpensive it is.”

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“He only goes before an audience made up of college kids and other low information voters who know even less about what he’s talking about than he knows,” he continued.

“If Obamacare is so great, why did Congress demand to be exempted from it?” Limbaugh asked. “They demanded to be exempted from it like the elites demand to be exempted from everything they subject all the rest of us to.”

“In fact, if it is so wonderful, why does it need to be sold at all?” Limbaugh concluded. “It ought to just sell itself, shouldn’t it?”

Listen to the clip below via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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