Limbaugh: Media Using Ferguson to Relive Civil Rights Movement

Rush Limbaugh, of course, doesn’t think the press covers anything without an agenda in mind. And that includes Ferguson, because today, Limbaugh said that the media is so drawn to it because many journalists want to use it as an opportunity to relive and “reignite” the civil rights era.

Limbaugh charged that in schools, almost nothing about American history is glorified in any way… except for the civil rights movement. And for young journalists, he said, “They speak of it and write about it as though they were alive then. They are taught incorrect things about it.”

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And that’s where Ferguson comes in. Limbaugh believes journalists and activists are using the situation to relive the days of the civil rights era and, in essence, exploit it to keep the grievance going.

“A lot of people who weren’t alive wish they were and would have been and are trying to relive it with these incidents, and people who were alive then who came of age and maybe established businesses in the race industry, such as the Reverend Jackson, also want to relive it and try to reignite it and have it never, ever go away and never, ever allow it to change, to get better, especially.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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