Limbaugh: Obama Often Carries Out Retribution Like Christie Did, Yet No One Cares

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t doubt there was a corruptive culture in Chris Christie‘s office that led to the bridge scandal, but said today that the media cares far more about a state scandal than they ever did about the kind of political retribution exacted by anyone in President Obama‘s administration, especially considering that Christie invoked “the Obama defense” to deny he was aware of anything going on around him.

Limbaugh said that the New Jersey scandal was a clear case of petty “political payback,” but charged that the media’s spent far more time on this bridge scandal alone than they did on Benghazi and the IRS. He said if Christie was a Democrat, “the press would be celebrating the guy” and the “no-nonsense manner in which this guy is dealing with political opponents.”

Christie has been derogatorily referred to by conservatives as the media’s favorite Republican, but at the end of the day, he’s still a Republican, so despite how much the media may admire how “tough” he is, they’re going to do whatever they can to “damage” him, despite the fact, Limbaugh argued, that Obama’s administration has the same “get your enemies” mentality as Christie’s team.

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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